What is Food Engineering?

It is an engineering discipline where the physical, chemical and biological sciences find application in the processing, storage, transport and production and development of new foods. With the help of scientific information and engineering knowledge, food can be processed, packaged and distributed reliably until the food comes to the table.

Mission of a Food Engineer:

To develop safe nutrition for health, to develop new processing techniques and methods by making biochemical, technological and economic evaluations during the process; To evaluate food raw materials, to prevent the waste of food resources, to ensure quality and quantity protection; To produce new foods from waste when necessary; To utilize versatile raw materials and thus to increase the variety of food.

Besides the monitoring of rapidly developing food science and food processing techniques, the interpretation of this information in accordance with the facts of the country, and the production and dissemination of information that will contribute to the development of specific techniques are among the duties of the Food Engineering departments.

One of the main objectives of Food Engineering is s to educate the technical staff required by the food industry developing in parallel with agricultural production in our country with an engineering notion regarding food science and technology. In our country, "Food", which has been dealt with by different disciplines and different aspects for many years, is approached as a whole in Food Engineering Departments so that more functional services are offered to the country in terms of teaching and also information production.